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There she tended the wounded brought to the mission's infirmary and vowed no man would ever touch her heart again--certainly not Black Hawk, the disturbingly sensual Ojibwa warrior she was tenderly nursing back to health. A Fearless Brave. Black Hawk had never allowed a woman to distract him from the dark dream of vengeance he had harbored against his hated Sioux enemy since boyhood.

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But soon the warmth in Rachel's eyes began melting the ice that shrouded his soul, and when danger threatened the mission, the fierce warrior spirited away the beautiful white angel to the safety of his own village. There Rachel discovered a new peace among the gentle Ojibwa, while the tenderness in Black Hawk's fiery touch ignited a sudden passion--convincing them both that they shared a love as bold and timeless as the untamed plains of the wild Northwest.

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About the Author Candace McCarthy loved to read romances from the first moment she picked one up over twenty-four years ago. She began to write one after reading a story that made her laugh. Her enjoyment prompted her to put pen to paper. She thought, "Wouldn't it be great if I could bring the same pleasure to other readers?

Maybe, but it's true. And she's been writing them ever since.

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Candace has 18 books to her credit—fifteen novels and three novellas. At home, she lives with her husband of twenty-seven years, and her dog Montana, a Siberian Husky mix. She has a grown son, who recently married.


She enjoys arts and crafts, music, gardening, and her Teddy Bear collection. And she loves to hear from her readers. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Wild Innocence 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Couldnt really connect with rachael but loved her hero. Review by John Barlow.

It's almost morbidly comedic that in a film about someone making an anti-drug film, he ends up putting so much stress on his main actress that she gets hooked on heroin to ease the pain. All throughout the film, Francois thinks the main problem that killed his wife was the drug itself, as he attempts to -in his words - demargianilize addicts. To make a film that can help cure the world of addiction, you can't shame or dehumanize addicts. The problem isn't the drugs or the person though they do play a part , the problems are the lack of empathy and understanding towards people who are addicted.

Philippe Garrel's acclaimed, FIPRESCI Prize-winning Wild Innocence is a slow, beautifully crafted meta-drama about the making of an anti-drug film, featuring cleverly layered storytelling, gorgeous black and white photography, and quietly affecting performances.

Review by IanVorley. Although the ending has to be predectible so the film works as a complete circle, what is really intriguing is the ghost story behind the whole plot.

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Carole's sudden apparition fulfils the film. In addition to that, Agustin's character becomes an essential piece in the structure. He is another kind of living ghost.

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Review by James. To finance the project, he turns to Chas Michel Subor , a dubious businessman who knew his wife. In exchange for backing, Chas insists that he smuggle two suitcases full of heroin into France. All this could be serviceably recounted in one or two reels, but Garrel spends a full hour wading through it, accompanied by endless talk and an equally plodding, minor-key piano score. A little more fiber is woven into the material when the shoot finally gets under way in Amsterdam, with the film-within-a-film scenes at least displaying some dramatic muscle. She starts first snorting then shooting up heroin.

Wild Innocence

But Francois is so caught up in auteur angst that he fails to notice the tragic cycle of events about to repeat themselves. Intense and earnest as it is, and despite a generally capable cast, the drama is too cold to function on an emotional level, its themes of cynicism, obsession and self-service in art explored in too facile a vehicle to invite reflection.

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International sales: Wild Bunch, Paris. Produced by Pascal Caucheteux. Directed by Philippe Garrel. Reviewed at Venice Film Festival competing , Sept.