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Kai Stood there a worried expression "hey zane sensei said that you were having troubles in your class, are you ok" kai said walking over and sitting next zane on the bed "yeah I'm fine, i just cant seem to stop thinking about the dreams I've been having" zane said blushing rather hard "oh dreams, are they nightmares" kai said "no their not bad dreams but their not exactly good dreams either" zane said blushing slightly then realized they were more like wet dreams he opened his wrist panel and looked his sexual arousal dial was at six instead of the normal one.

Zane looked to the other to see him blushing rather hard "wait, so your unable to focus because you're being plagued with dreams about me and you" kai said and zane nodded "what are these dreams about" kai asked and zane looked away "w-well some are really calm like us just cuddled up some are a little more heartbreaking like you dancing with someone who looks like me while I'm forced to watch" zane said.

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He paused for a moment then continued "and some are a little more intimate like you kissing me during training or me giving you chocolates on valentines and asking for you to be my valentine or you uh" zane couldnt finish that thought as his face turned blue from the humiliation. Kai blushed lightly as zane told him all about the dreams. Zane gasped as he woke up from his dream zane curled up tears welling up and pouring down his face.

Zane hated that these dreams seemed so damn realistic sometimes zane couldnt tell a dream from real life.

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Zane looked around seeing he was alone sighed and cried the entire night and most of the next day. Kai went to zane who was still crying, "zane whats wrong" kai asked worriedly. Zane inched closer to kai and put his head on shoulder kai hugged him. Zane seemed to actually be content for the rest of the day even though Kai hadnt told him what he felt towards him. The others were glad that zane was able to function for that day, Zane seemed really happy for that day.

Zane was asleep when someone snuck into his room Zane yelped as someone grabbed him "threat detected! The next morning the others learned that zane had been abducted and ran to save him. Zane blushed they seemed interested in his blueprints and mechanical body more than him. Zane snuggled the doll he sat in a prison cell tears threating to escape his eyes. Zane didn't notice as he created a small blizzard in his cell until there was the sound of a familiar voice shout about stealing zane from him "kai?! Kai was whacking the guard with a bat over and over as cole attempted to get the keys from the guard.

The worker had offered it to zane who had immediately stopped crying as soon as the doll was in his arms hugging it to his chest allowing himself to be trapped in a cage as long as he still had the doll. Zane showed the lash marks from the whip immediately kai grabbed his bat, to attack the asshole who had wounded his beautiful nindroid.

Zane couldnt stop kai from tracking down the guy and smacking him over and over with the bat. Soon they were all on the ultra dragon, zane holding onto kai tightly like his life depended on it, on their way back to the school. That day they literally could not get zane away from kai for more than two seconds so zane was covered for while he spent the day at the gym watching kai as he taught his kids to dance.

During the dance lesson zane pulled out his doll of kai and snuggled with it zane was snuggling with the doll when they stopped dancing. Zane has a doll of mr. Zane seemed embarrassed that the kids had pointed out his doll "well you know its uh a s-skill i have i made it myself" zane said "is it for you to snuggle at night when you have a nightmare" the girl, called lynda, said "kinda, maybe a little bit" zane said "well I'm going to guess thats the closest you'll ever get to the real thing hahaha" the boy named tylor laughed "oh come on don't sink the ship!

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