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I really wish there was a sequel to this book. If there was I would totally read it. May 19, Joy Avery Melville rated it it was amazing. I think this is one of my favorite Christian Fiction books. It's the first Lori Wick novel I ever read. I've put it on my 'keeper' shelf in my personal library. This book will be on the list of 'must-reads' for my granddaughters.

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Sometimes we see Christian Fiction as either preachy or fake - this is neither. I've seen first hand the kind of grief, survivors guilt, growing love between a child's nanny and her employer not myself and am able to see this character-driven story as true to life. It I think this is one of my favorite Christian Fiction books. It may have some less realistic dialogue between the children but I have to say I've heard some rather over-protected children speak that way. I have no problem with it and will highly recommend this book to anyone - Christian or non-Christian. But - not my copy - I'm protecting that one with my life.

Jul 09, Susan Webb rated it it was amazing. I love this book. I have read it so many times that I am on my 3rd copy of it. It tells a story or redemption after pain, of forgiveness and finding your way back to God, and a young woman, far from home, showing the love of Christ in all she does. I wouldn't really call this a contemporary romance, but there is a happy ending. Every time I read it, I cry tears of sadness and tears of joy. A really good book.

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If you want to know how a courtship should be between two Christ-followers, one with ch I love this book. If you want to know how a courtship should be between two Christ-followers, one with children and a widower, one single and never been married, then this is the book for you. Mar 28, Brooke rated it it was amazing. I've also read this book several times over the years.

The Life and Death of Sophie Stark by Anna North: | Books

It is a bit more of an undertaking than The Pricess but still every bit worth it. This is another modern day fiction book that takes place after the mother of the family dies and Sophie, a new immigrant, comes to live with the family. There are many funny parts as Sophie tries to fit into the culture and many serious moments as she tries to help this family with their grief. This book always makes me cry! I truly love this book. Jan 09, Sarah rated it it was ok Shelves: Re-read today and remembered why I didn't like it all that much.

There are some sweet moments, but it's not a very well-crafted or well-written book, and it seems like many elements are only included for their "preach factor". Oct 02, Alexa rated it really liked it. Great romance. Its my second fav. Book by Lori Wick, notwithstanding- her magna opus -Pretense.


This is a book you just have to read because if i describe anything, you will configure the plot and it may steal your enjoyment of it. Highly enjoyable, a thick novel, you will immediately get get hooked into the storyline. I read this eons ago and yet I still want to read this book again. It a heart warmer!!! Romance: genre. Nov 30, Abbie rated it it was amazing Shelves: clean-romance , lori-wick. I read this book many many moon's ago but I still remember it.

I might even have to reread it. Its a great story and I remember not being able to put it down. The story line a bit hard to remember since its been at least 10 years since I read it was about Sophie who be comes a nanny to three children who's mom has died.

Sophie slowly starts to bring love and God back into the family and ends up finding love alone the way. Jul 18, Judine rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , christian-inspirational. This is quite possibly the perfect romance, with all the right themes and messages. Rita was by far my favorite character and I'd love to see her return in a later novel -- maybe finding her own unique path to love the way Alec and Sophie did.

I fell more in love with the children than the main characters. Sep 04, Helena rated it it was ok. Too much for me! I am a practising Christian but could not help rolling my eyes throughout the book.

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This was such a wonderful book. It is a well written and truly sweet Christian novel about both romance and family.

I really loved the characters and their development throughout the book, which has definitely earned a place on my favorites' list. May 11, Katherine rated it liked it Shelves: christian. This book really interested me because the main character was from Prague, where my husband spent a couple of years.

Sophie Mercer

It was an enjoyable book, clean, interesting. It seemed to me that it took a really long time to tell the story. It was good, though. Feb 17, Sara R. I smiled, and i cried. A lot! But oh so good. If you have a couple slow days and want a really good story, read this. May 08, Elizabeth rated it it was ok. I was left wondering, "why exactly did I read this??

Nov 22, Jenni rated it liked it. A bit predictable, but a beautiful read. Lovely how Sophie gently works her way into the hearts of the children. May 20, Andrea rated it liked it Shelves: own-it. A sweet story. The earl was only forty years old. Who could have known that his heart would give out at such a young age? No one was more stunned than Araminta, who had been trying quite desperately since her wedding night to conceive the all-important heir. I could very well be with child.

He left bequests to loyal servants. He settled funds on Rosamund, Posy, and even Sophie, ensuring that all three girls would have respectable dowries. To my wife, Araminta Gunningworth, Countess of Penwood, I leave a yearly income of two thousand pounds—. Indeed, one cannot take two steps without being forced to listen to some society mama speculating on who will attend, and perhaps more importantly, who will wear what.