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And Jesus had not told his disciples of what type are the five Helpers, nor into what region they are brought; nor had he told them how the great Light hath expanded itself, nor into what region it hath been brought; nor had he told them of the five Impressions, nor as to the First Commandment, into what region they have been brought.

But he had discoursed with them generally, teaching that they exist, but he had not told. For this cause they have not known that there were also other regions within that mystery. And he had not told his disciples: "I have gone forth out of such and such regions until I entered into that mystery, and until I went forth out of it"; but, in teaching them, he said to them: "I am come forth from that mystery. And from out of the matter within him, he emanated forth a further multitude of material emanations which were very powerful.

Pistis Sophia: The First Book of Pistis Sophia: Chapter 1

And he sent them to the places below, to the parts of the Chaos, so that they should pursue the Pistis Sophia there and take her power from her, because she thought to go to the height which is above them all, and because she ceased to perform their mystery, but she remained sorrowing, seeking the light which she saw. And the archons which continued or persisted in performing the mystery hated her. And all the watchers which were at the gates of the aeons also hated her.

It happened now after this, through the ordinance of the first ordinance, the great triple-powered Authades, -who is one of the three triple-powered ones, persecuted the 'Sophia in the thirteenth aeon, so that she should look at the parts below, so that she should see in that place his light power, which has a lion-face, and she should desire it, and come to that place, and her light would be taken from her. It happened now after this she looked down.

She saw his power of light in the parts below, and she did not know that it was that of the triple-powered Authades.

Pistis Sophia

But she thought that it was from the light which she had seen from the beginning in the height, which was from the veil of the Treasury of the Light. And she thought to herself : "I will go to that place without my partner, and take the light, and create of it for myself aeons of light, so that I shall be able to go to the Light of Lights which is in the highest height. The archons of the aeons persecuted her, and they were angry with her, because she had thought to have greatness.

However, she came forth from the twelve aeons, she came to the places of the Chaos. And she made her way to the light-power with a lion-face in order to swallow it. But all the material emanations of the Authades surrounded her. And the great light-power with a lion-face swallowed the light-powers in the Sophia. And it purified her light and swallowed it, and her matter was cast forth to the Chaos. There existed an archon with a lion- face in the Chaos, whose one half was fire and whose other half was darkness, namely Jaldabaoth, of whom I have spoken to you many times.

Now when these things had happened, the Sophia became very greatly weakened. And again that light-power with a lion-face began to take away all the light-powers from the Sophia. And all the material powers of the Authades surrounded the Sophia at the same time, they oppressed her. The Pistis Sophia cried out very much. She cried out to the Light of Lights which she had seen from the beginning, in which she had believed, and she said this repentance, speaking thus :.

I looked, O Light, to the parts below.

I saw a light in that place, and I thought : I will go to that place to receive that light. And I went, and I came to be in the darkness which is in the Chaos below. And I was not able to proceed out to go to my place, because I was oppressed among all the emanations of the Authades. And the lion-faced power took away my inner light. And I cried out for help, and my voice did not penetrate the darkness.

And I looked to the height, so that the Light in which I had believed might help me. And when I looked to the height, I saw all the archons of the aeons , that they were numerous and they looked down upon me, rejoicing over me, although I had done nothing evil to them, but they had hated me without cause.

And when the emanations of the Authades saw the archons of the aeons rejoicing over me, they knew that the archons of the aeons would not help me. And those emanations which oppressed me without cause were encouraged. And they took from me the light which I did not take from them.

Now at this time, O true Light, thou knowest that I have done these things in my simplicity, thinking that the lion-faced light belonged to thee, and the sin which I have committed is manifest in thy presence. Do not now let me be lacking, O Lord, for I have believed in thy light from the beginning, O Lord, Light of the powers, do not let me now lack my light.

For on account of thee and thy light I have come to be in this oppression, and shame has covered me. And because of the delusion of thy light, I have become a stranger to my brothers, the invisible ones, and also to the great emanations of the Barbelo. These things happened to me, O Light, because I was eager for thy dwelling-place. And the anger of the Authades came down upon me - this one who did not obey thy command to emanate from the emanation of his power - because I was in his aeon and not performing his mystery. And I was in that place, sorrowing and seeking the light which I had seen in the height.

And the watchers of the gates of the aeons were seeking me, and all those who continued in their mystery mocked me.

Exploring the Gnostic Mysteries of the Ineffable

But I looked up to the height to thee, O Light. And I believed in thee. If now thou dost wish to come to save me - great is thy compassion - hear me truly and save me. Save me out of the matter of this darkness, so that I shall not be immersed in it, and that I shall be saved from the emanations of the deity, Authades, which oppress me, and from their evils.

Do not allow this darkness to immerse me, and do not allow this lion-faced power to swallow up all my power completely. And do not allow this Chaos to cover over my power. Hear me O Light, for thy mercy is precious, and look down upon me, according to the great compassion of thy light. Save me, on account of the archons which hate me, for thou knowest my affliction and my torment, and the torment of my power which they have taken from me.

Those who have put me into all these evils are in thy presence. Deal with them according to thy will. My power looked forth from the midst of the Chaos, and from the midst of the darkness. I looked for my partner, that he should come and fight for me, and he did not come. And I looked that he should come and give power to me, and I did not find him.

Now at this time, O Light of Lights, let the darkness and the matter which the emanations of the Authades have brought upon me become a snare for them, and let them be ensnared therein. And do thou repay them and bring disgrace upon them, so that they do not come to the place of their Authades. Do not let them go to their place from this time, to their deity, Authades. And do not let his emanations go to their places from this time. Because their god is impious and insolent, because he thought that he had done these wicked things of himself, not knowing that, unless I was humbled according to thy ordinance, he would have had no power over me.

But when thou didst humble me, according to thy ordinance, I was persecuted the more. And their emanations inflicted torments upon my humiliation. And they took a light-power from me.

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And furthermore they began to torment me greatly , in order to take away all the light that was in me. On account of these things into which I was put, do not let them go up to the thirteenth aeon, the place of righteousness. And do not let them be numbered within the portion of those who purify themselves and their light. And do not let them be numbered among those who will repent quickly, so that they will quickly receive mysteries in the light.

For they have taken my light from me. And my power has begun to decrease within me.

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  • And I lack my light. Now at this time, O Light which art in thee and with me, I sing praises to thy name, O Light, in glory. And may my song of praise, O Light, please thee, like an excellent mystery which is received into the gates of light, which those who will repent, will recite, and whose light they will purify.

    Now at this time, let all material things rejoice; seek the light, all of you, so that the power of your souls, which is within you, may live. Because the Light has heard the material things, and it will not leave any material things which it has not purified. Let the souls and the material things bless the Lord of all the aeons ; the material things and all things in them.

    For God will save their souls out of all matter, and a city will be prepared in the light; and all souls which will be saved will dwell in that city, and they will inherit it. And the soul of those who will receive mysteries will be in that place, and they who have received mysteries in his name will be within it'. Now it happened, as Jesus said these words to his disciples, he said to them : "This is the song of praise which the Pistis Sophia spoke in the first repentance, as she repented for her sin.