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In this release, we provide 1. We include two extreme models which approximately bracket the expected contribution from undetected galaxies: Faint Galaxies and Bright Galaxies. In Faint Galaxies, the EoR is driven primarily by galaxies close to the atomic cooling threshold, which are vulnerable to photoheating suppression of their gas content. Both simulations have their ionizing efficiency e.

Eos – The Light of All-Seeing Dawn

We stress that the Faint Galaxies model is likely closer to the true Universe, based on both theoretical and observational arguments. Consistent with previous studies, in Faint Galaxies, the EoR evolves slowly, and is characterized by small ionized structures.

These extremes suggest that the duration of reionization defined as a change in the mean neutral fraction from 0. This difference has a comparable contribution from i the typical bias of sources in the two extreme models; ii a more efficient negative feedback in models with an extended reionization driven by faint galaxies. However, the EoR peak occurs somewhat after the midpoint, due to the overlap between ii and iii.

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On the other hand, the troughs in the large-scale power evolution roughly correspond to the boundaries between i and iii. This page will be updated with future releases, as well as scripts to convert the format of the output, facilitating its inclusion in data pipelines. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Sign In or Create an Account. Sign In.

EOS (Goddess of the Dawn), A Ballet for Orchestra (2015)

Advanced Search. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Article Contents. Oxford Academic. Google Scholar. Bradley Greig. Emanuele Sobacchi.

Mastering landscape lighting in photos

Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Reionization sources are taken to be galaxies hosted by haloes above some spatially dependent minimum halo mass, M min. The value of this threshold is set by the ability of the cosmic gas to efficiently cool and form stars inside the halo, depending on cooling, photoheating and supernovae SNe feedback.

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  8. Open in new tab Download slide. The thermal noise power spectrum is computed at each uv -cell according to the following e. The total noise power spectrum is then computed by performing an inverse-weighted summation over all individual modes, i , e. Table 1. Open in new tab.

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    Molecular hydrogen cooling is expected to be strongly suppressed well before the bulk of reionization e. We caution however that even a small star formation density is sufficient to strongly couple T S and T K e. We note that here we do not explore alternate scenarios for the heating epoch.

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    Search ADS. Astrophysics and Space Science Library Vol. Google Preview. Issue Section:. Download all figures. View Metrics. Email alerts New issue alert. In progress issue alert. Indeed, Zeus gave her a share of divine power over the earth, the sea, and the sky.

    A Review of Dawn‐Dusk Asymmetries Observed Using the TWINS Mission of Opportunity

    Mortals who found her favor received great blessings, for Hecate had great power to assist men—when she wanted to do so. She could, for example:. Yet all this changed and Hecate became a force of darkness—though no one ever explained how or why. The change may have come after she helped the goddess Demeter find her lost daughter Persephone. Some storytellers claim that Hecate served as an attendant and follower of Persephone, who became the Queen of the Underworld following her abduction. In any case, later mythmakers almost always depicted Hecate in her darker, more terrible aspects.

    A goddess of the night, Hecate became the patron of sorcery.

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    After coming to a crossroads or a graveyard—the favorite haunts of the goddess—sorceresses and sorcerers would call out her name in weaving a spell. With a band of hellhounds baying beside her, Hecate would approach bearing a torch. Only if the offerings made to her met with her liking would the sorcery take hold.

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    Woe to the immortal who swore a false oath to Styx. If an Olympian lied while swearing to Styx, he or she would fall into a breathless coma for at least a year—unable to eat, drink, or speak. When the immortal awoke, the other Olympians would treat him or her as an outcast for another nine years.

    The liar would be unwelcome to meet, mingle, or dine with the other immortals. Those who wished to curse an enemy would also invoke the name of Hecate. Seeking vengeance, a person might, for example, write a curse out on lead foil, address it to Hecate, roll it up, and drop it down a well. Another goddess of the Underworld was Styx, the goddess of the main river of Hades. These sons were the personified abstractions:.

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