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This book deserves to stay in print forever! Kermit Lynch is as brilliant a writer as he is a taster, and his quest for authentic wine is more relevant than ever. In this jungle where obsolescence is rampant, only a very few will become classics. Adventures on the Wine Route is surely one of them--a quarter of a century old and not one wrinkle!

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I am bowled over by his blend of poetry and candour. What heaven-sent common sense. Strongly recommended. Kermit Lynch was born and raised in California. In , he opened a retail wine shop and later began importing and distributing nationally. In he was awarded the insignia of Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur by the French government.

In the late s and early s, Lynch took objection to a regulation of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms that required wine bottles to be labeled with the Surgeon General 's warning against alcohol consumption but prohibited any countering sentiment about the benefits of moderate wine drinking to be on the label. On numerous occasions, Lynch petitioned the BATF to allow him to add a statement about the benefit of wine to go with the Surgeon General's warning such as quotes by Louis Pasteur on the hygienic properties of wine, the Bible on wine's healing properties, and Thomas Jefferson on the pleasures that drinking wine can bring.

After many trials, Lynch finally had his request approved. Lynch was a pioneer in the wine industry for his use of refrigerated shipping containers to prevent wines from being ruined by heat during shipping. Since most European wines arrive to the West Coast of the United States via the Panama Canal and Mexican coast, heat damage was common as the cargo could spend months at sea in a hot metal container.

At a recent wine tasting we were comparing notes on the bottlings we liked best--can there be any surprise they were all Kermit Lynch imports, including one from his touchstone producer, Domaine Tempier? These wines all embodied a certain kind of honesty, integrity, and truth to form, especially the Tempier.

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Indeed, it is the philosophy of Tempier--hard work, graciousness, respect for tradition, and innovation that is at the heart of this wonderful, wonderful book. What he does do is advocate passionately for natural wines, made true to their conditions, their terroir. This book was published in ; many of the devastating trends that Kermit was witnessing at that time have continued in their course. At the same time, however, the "natural wine" movement has entered the mainstream and continues to grow and find advocates.

Thus, the dated quality of some of the observations and remarks only serves to add power to their prescience. Did I mention the characters? This book is packed with memorable figures from all over the hexagon, such as you can only meet in France; passionate, crotchety, gracious, conniving, brilliant And unlike many of Papa's writings, they are always worth reading. View all 5 comments. Apr 13, Dvora rated it really liked it Shelves: food-wine. I always thought there was more to the appreciation of wine than what I knew either I like it or I don't.

This book didn't teach me how to appreciate it more, but it taught me that I had a lot to learn and that if I did learn, it would give me great pleasure. Anyway, I'm from Berkeley and had shopped a couple of times in the author's wineshop years before I read the book. Jun 06, Mike Blick rated it really liked it. This was a interesting but slightly dated way to learn about most of important French wine regions. I enjoyed it. Feb 19, Terrance Gelenter rated it it was amazing.

You only need one book about French wine and this is it. May 13, Patrick rated it it was amazing Shelves: my-library. Kermits Adventures on the Wine Route is such an enjoyable escapade that I was ready to pack my bags and follow his route. Ive since discovered that he has a minor update to the book that I'd love to read and then probably reread this. Many of the expressions he looks for in wine are also what I thoroughly enjoy, so this story has given me many great producers to check out.

It also ignited an interest in French wine.

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Im madly passionate about Italian vino and there is something about French wine Kermits Adventures on the Wine Route is such an enjoyable escapade that I was ready to pack my bags and follow his route. Im madly passionate about Italian vino and there is something about French wine that has never quite captivated me. Perhaps its the commercial aspect of it. I tend to follow the underdog and stray from the popular however thanks to Kermit I've managed to discover some new favourites. Adventures on the Wine Route was a page turner for me and I couldn't put it down.

I was "lost in France" for duration of his story telling and can't wait to go back. I had high hopes for this book - a favorite topic, region, and person from my time in Berkeley. However, it was written in the s and so a lot of the experiences feel dated e. Also, it is a lot more fun to talk about wine when drinking wine, rather than read about someone else drinking wine often too much.

Adventures on the Wine Route : A Wine Buyer's Tour of France

Book totally lacks pictures, charts, or maps, which would have been useful. Kermit's thesis is that buying from small growers is best, and refrigerating upon delivery. Also, the year doesn't matter as much as the approach or conditions at that particular winery. And then he repeats ad nauseum.

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Feb 13, Joe Dulworth rated it really liked it. Good book. It is a bit dated at this point even with the updates section at the end of the newer releases but many of the stories are interesting and entertaining still. May 28, Leacafe rated it it was amazing. If you would like to know more about the culture of wine. This book takes you on a journey in France and it's wine making regions.

As a French-born person I was amazed by how knowledgeable the author Kermit Lynch is about my own country.

Sep 24, Brad rated it it was amazing. This is as much a travel book as a book about wine. But if you're interested in wine or the wine industry, this is mandatory reading. I admit I wasn't expecting much other than just information but Kermit Lynch is as good at this as he is at selecting wines. If you think the wine world is too pretentious, read this book and be reminded why you liked wine in the first place. Oct 25, Rob rated it it was amazing.

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A significant book for me being the first wine book I had ever read over 10 years ago right as I earnestly decided to embark on a hopeful career in the wine industry. I never thought that I would visit some of those unrecognizable to me then French villages and become so mad about French wine from then on.

Mar 06, DanielG rated it really liked it.

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Almost the whole book can be summarised as follows: Wine Makers who agree with Mr. Lynch make good wines and make wine the old way without filtration, chaptalizacion etc Nevertheless 4 Stars because Mr. Lynch is an excellent writer. Sep 22, Paul E rated it really liked it.

Very interesting tour of the wine regions of France. Kermit provides an insiders view like none other I have read. His stories are interesting, funny, and colorful. While some what dated, it is still a great read.